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Fast Track Digital Marketing

  • Understand how to integrate online marketing to your overall marketing strategy
  • Leverage online customer acquisition tools (e.g. paid search, display advertising, SEO)
  • ...and customer engagement channels (e.g. social media, video marketing)
  • Evaluate your current online strategy, measure & analyse future online marketing tactics
  • Understand content marketing & data-driven marketing personalisation

Course dates:

  • 2 - 3 November 2020

Digital Marketing Bootcamp*

  • Understand the digital marketing landscape and how to do market research to know your customers’ needs
  • Compare digital marketing channels & platforms and determine the best channels based on customer needs & business objectives
  • Compare different types of content and determine the ideal content type & frequency for each channel
  • Develop a marketing plan based on business objectives & customer needs
  • Evaluate effectiveness of marketing campaigns using analytics tools to prove digital ROI & optimise future marketing campaigns

*Course fee differs as this course is funded by Skillsfuture Singapore. Click here for more details.

Course dates:

  • 26 - 27 September 2020
  • 29 - 30 September 2020

Content Marketing in Web, Mobile & Social Media*

  • Explain basic principles of content marketing and how it fits into the overall marketing mix
  • Analyse & comprehend how people consume digital content to determine the best forms of content for the customer
  • Explore different content types and create effective headlines & copy for each marketing channel
  • Create a content marketing strategy based on potential customer preferences & meeting marketing objectives
  • Create a content roadmap based on content strategy
  • Create a plan to increase visibility & reach of content on search engines & social media
  • Assess the performance of content marketing plans with the right tools & metrics to improve campaigns

*Course fee differs as this course is funded by SkillsFuture Singapore. Click here for more details.

Course dates:

  • 13 - 14 October 2020

Advanced Content Marketing Masterclass

  • Understand how to carry out a content marketing audit of your current setup
  • Develop your customer journey and decide on which content to use for each stage
  • Unpack your brand positioning and enhance your value proposition
  • Develop a business case to secure funds & resources for content marketing
  • Understand how to produce, promote, amplify & measure your content marketing activity
  • Appreciate the impact of the current trends within the content marketing industry and how this might impact your business

Course dates:

  • October/November 2020 dates to be scheduled

Copywriting for Online Lead Generation

  • Understand how people read online
  • Write more effective online copy
  • Feel confident evaluating online copy
  • Improve your writing for search engines & social media
  • Be able to combat writer’s block effectively

Course dates:

  • 30 September - 1 October 2020

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Understand SEO’s importance in the new digital landscape
  • Understand the key components of a successful SEO strategy
  • Plan a structured SEO campaign
  • Improve your use of SEO as a competitive tool and identify quick-win opportunities
  • Unravel new SEO innovations and track changing search engine trends

Course dates:

  • 21 - 22 October 2020

Content Creation using Powerpoint & Free Tools

  • Understand the fundamentals of shooting photos/videos & recording audio with your mobile phone
  • Use and format backgrounds & shapes in Powerpoint to create graphic layouts for your picture posts & ads
  • Create animation in Powerpoint and convert them into videos & GIFs
  • Make photos, clipart, video clips, GIFs, and audio compatible for inserting into Powerpoint
  • Know where to find free photos, clipart, fonts, video clips, GIFs, sound effects, etc.
  • Distinguish between the different types of free downloads so that you don't infringe copyright laws
  • Edit pictures and remove unwanted backgrounds in photos
  • Assemble photos, video clips, animation, text, voice-overs, music, etc., and edit them into a completed video
  • Create engaging headlines & text to accompany your image & video
  • Know which picture & video file formats & sizes are compatible with websites & the various social media (incl. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube)
  • Produce an ad layout for Facebook and a video for YouTube

Course dates:

  • 28 - 29 September 2020