Professional Certificate In Financial Sales Leadership

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Leading and Managing High-Performance Teams

  • Identify the vital determinants for personal & organisational leadership
  • Understand behaviours in the performance lifecycle
  • Develop the right strategies & skills for personal & team performance
  • Demonstrate the ability to organise & manage recruitment seminars
  • Develop effective approaches to attract the right talent & recruiting on the move

Coaching & Leading High-Performance Sales Teams

  • Develop effective skills for managing & leading for sales & personal success
  • Understand & use the right sales approaches for results
  • Recognise & avoid psychological performance traps that impact results
  • Understand behaviours in the performance cycle & apply the right interventions
  • Monitoring sales activities & analysing ratios for improving performance
  • Develop critical skills for coaching sales teams for performance

Seminars & Roadshows Strategies & Skills

  • Develop effective seminar sales communication strategies to engage customers
  • Identify behaviours that enable you to influence others effectively at seminars
  • Learn techniques to effectively manage challenging questions & situations
  • Create a checklist for managing seminars & roadshows effectively
  • Develop effective strategies to attract people to your seminar
  • Demonstrate the ability to organise & manage roadshows & seminars

Managing Competition & Price By Differentiation

  • Know clients' needs, wants & value to be competitive
  • Understand pricing strategies in a price-sensitive environment
  • Understand buying behaviours & expectations in a competitive environment
  • Identify & influence buyers who are price-sensitive
  • Develop effective responses to price objections
  • Choose the compelling & unique points of differentiation to create value

Selling to Wealthy & High Networth Individuals

  • Learn to identify & penetrate the high net-worth market
  • Positioning yourself & your organisation amongst the wealthy
  • Identify & master the essential skills to provide advice to the wealthy
  • Identify the factors that influence the wealthy to consider your advice
  • Identify the critical concerns of the wealthy

Recruitment & Selection Techniques for Financial Sales Professionals

  • Create an agreed framework for recruitment & selection process
  • Identify the critical success factors for recruitment & selection that help agency growth & performance
  • Improve recruitment & retention for agency & organisational growth
  • Identify recruits that match agency culture & opportunities – Ideal Agent Profile
  • Understand your recruitment and selection quotient
  • Improve recruitment & selection closing ratio through a systematic process

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