Professional Certificate in Sales & Digital Marketing Skills

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Complete all 7 modules to be awarded the Professional Certificate in Sales & Digital Marketing Skills!

Each module is also available for registration as a standalone 2-day course.

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*Special promo pricing (before GST)
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Fast Track Digital Marketing

  • Understand how to integrate online marketing to your overall marketing strategy
  • Leverage online customer acquisition tools (e.g. paid search, display advertising, SEO)
  • ...and customer engagement channels (e.g. social media, video marketing)
  • Evaluate your current online strategy, measure & analyse future online marketing tactics
  • Understand content marketing & data-driven marketing personalisation

Next Intake: 2 - 3 November 2020

Effective Sales Closing Techniques

  • Develop sales communication skills to make presentations convincing
  • Be equipped with a systematic sales process to close sales
  • Recognise different buying behaviours and use appropriate closing techniques
  • Develop effective ways to answer objections and manage resistance to buying
  • Use professional approaches to close sales and gain confidence & motivation to increase closing ratio

Next Intake: 9 - 10 November 2020

Key Account Sales Strategies & Skills

  • Equip salespeople with key account sales skills
  • Position yourself & your organisation to increase growth & profitability
  • Develop practical key account sales communication & presentation skills
  • Utilise the right sales strategies & techniques to provide effective solutions for different customer needs & situations
  • Identify behaviours demonstrated by high-performing key account sales professionals

Next Intake: 23 - 24 November 2020

Social Selling

  • Meet business objectives through social media selling
  • Differentiate social selling from social media marketing & social advertising
  • Plan a social selling strategy to improve sales retention & growth
  • Develop a social selling strategy that fits within corporate goals
  • Create & execute a social selling campaign for each platform
  • Measure the performance of a social media selling campaign

Next Intakes: 19 - 20 November 2020 | 30 November - 1 December 2020

Effective Sales Mindset to Break Performance Barriers

  • Identify critical factors for personal performance
  • Avoid psychological performance traps & pitfalls
  • Set milestones, timetables & goals for achieving sales success
  • Develop the right strategies & skills to meeting challenges and changes
  • Gain confidence and motivation to achieve sales & personal success

Next Intake: To be scheduled

Sales Communication & Presentation Skills

  • Project confidence, credibility & likeability to influence
  • Master skills to persuade & influence people
  • Identify & apply the knowledge to persuade in different communication styles
  • Effectively handle challenging situations
  • Develop persuasion strategies to influence people you communicate with

Next Intake: To be scheduled

Managing Sales Objections and Obstacles

  • Know the difference between resistance & objection
  • Change your perception towards objections
  • Discover methods for maintaining focus when faced with sales objections
  • Learn to get to the reason behind objections & respond effectively
  • Learn effective ways to answer objections, meet sales resistance & obstacles

Next Intake: To be scheduled